My Story

I began my scentsy life  in Nov. of  2006.  I talked to my sister in law , who lives in Tx, in Oct of that year and she was telling me about this product that her friend was selling and said that I should sell it and how it was so great.  I thought ok. what ever.   Being a person that has never sold anything but girlscout cookies I told her that I would pass, but might know some other people that might be interested.  So the month had passed and she came to visit for thanksgiving and brought her warmer and pumpkin roll scent.  She plugged it in and I was Hooked!!!!  I signed up a week later. Although my scentsy journey was slow the first couple of years, it has grown more than I had ever expected.  I would have never dreamed that I would be at SuperStar Director level.  I have been so blessed by all of the people in my team and all of the customers that I have met along the way.   Thank you for all of you who have helped my in my journey.<!--endbody-->